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Bridal Party Photography | Casa Hotel Yately
Your wedding day is a series of fleeting moments.
Mr and Mrs Peppard | Hickstead Hotel

I have shot 120+ weddings in the last 9 years. Photography is memories captured in time, and this is the same for weddings. You want to look back on your treasure trove of bespoke photos in years to come and remember the good times you had on your special day.  The taste of the cake and the smell of the flowers will have faded, but your photos will be there for a lifetime.

I approach all my clients’ weddings as I am telling your story through the form of high resolution and captivating imagery in both colour and monochrome. I am unobtrusive when it comes to weddings, a fly on the so to speak, capturing your guests from a distance in there most natural form, happy and having fun.  

First Dance | Casa Hotel Yately
Meet Keeran - The Photographer.

Your wedding photographs last far beyond the last dance. 

I am a full-time documentary wedding photographer covering the whole of the UK from my base in Sussex. I got my photography qualifications through the Photography Institute upon leaving the Grenadier Guards after 8 years of serving the late Her Majesty the Queen.

I am a dad to two amazing young teen ladies, and when I am not capturing weddings, my girls and I are out creating memories for ourselves. We all love the outdoors, our time is spent walking huskies, being big kids splashing through puddles or I am taking them up in my glider

Keeran and his daughters | Brighton Peir Sussex
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